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The dropship option is if would like us to ship directly to retail consumers.

The prices are as published on the website.

All orders have a surcharge of $8.00 per order, to cover the extra shipping and handling costs (primarily shipping costs) to your retail customers. An order is defined as a unique shipment to an address within the contiguous US.

Your initial dropshipping purchase order is just like a private label order (min. of $150). It is prepared in full and is stored in your name in our warehouse-think of this as your 'mini-store' in our warehouse. The smaller retail orders are shipped as you forward them to us by email. We will share with you a running spreadsheet on Google Docs or Microsoft Excel with details of the orders shipped, their dollar values and your inventory remaining in your mini-store. You will need to replenish the inventory in your mini-store from time to time with more private label orders, each meeting the minimum order value of $150.

You can always ship these orders to your customers yourself-take delivery of your full order at your home/company address and ship from there. In that case, there is no surcharge of $8.00 per order.

Please see the Labels and Packaging page for detailed specifications of pouches, labels, etc. Just as for private label, there is a one time cost of $30 to create the labels in your brand.

How to order: Add the products you want in the cart. Also add the private label option ($30) to cover the cost of labels. From the button below, you can pay for 10 orders of dropship, either now or whenever you would like us to start dropshipping.


DROPSHIP SURCHARGE : $80.00 [covers 10 orders]



Time to ship a retail order: within 3 days.

Questions? Please email or call us!


Fonisol Private Label Teas
Phone: (716) 948 2635
Payment methods: Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), ACH Transfers, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.