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"The potential and challenge for world class quality from Argentina's finest vineyards continues to be more and more evident with each new vintage , not only with Malbec, but also with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot ,and Chardonnay, all noble varietals."

-Robert Parker, Wines of Argentina, 2003.

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Quality wines from Argentina

"If there is anywhere a place that encompasses the perfect match of climate, soil, costs, human resources, and, above all, freedom for creativity and minimal bureaucracy to hinder the genuine development of a new and exceptional viticulture, that place is undoubtedly Argentina... Argentina's potential for wine making is amazing and the diversity of its future prospects is dramatic." -Michael Rolland, Wines of Argentina, 2003.

Argentina is the fifth largest wine producer in the world (after France, Italy, Spain and The USA). Most wines in Argentina come from Mendoza, a very fertile region close to The Andes Mountains. The vineyards in Argentina are inhospitable to Grape Phylloxera, a serious pest of commercial grapevines worldwide. Argentine wines are the some of the most "natural" wines of the world- the grape in France is normally treated 12-18 times a year by pesticides; in Argentina, the grape requires only 2-4 treatments.

Fonisol is an international company selling Argentinian wines worldwide. We sell wines in retail and wholesale.

To buy wines in retail (a few bottles or cases): click here

Wines in wholesale (min. order of 12000 liters): We work directly with vineyards in Argentina and provide you with a wide selection of wines in price, quality and quantity. Depending on your needs we will FIND the wine you need for your market. Our prices range from USD 0.80 to USD 25.00 per bottle (750ml). Wines are also available in other packages (1 liter tetra packs, 3 and 5 liter flexible packs). Custom packages are available upon request.

We want to work with distributors who are interested in establishing a LONG-TERM relationship with us. The more business we do with each other, the better the prices you will get for our wines.

Our company is based on giving sound information to you. We will tell you exactly how the wine was made if you want. We also offer a great selection of organic wines and vegetarian wines (where no animal products are used during the wine making process).

Looking forward to working with you!


The Team at Fonisol.com

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