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Apartments in Rome
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Travel tips  Apartments in Rome, Italy

If you want to rent an apartment in Rome (a few days to a few months), you have a  number of options. Apartments are available in almost all parts of Rome. We hope you have an enjoyable stay in Roma, Italia!

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Venere Rome Apartments
Venere is the one of the biggest apartment rental
agencies in Europe and Italy. Excellent Apartments
with reviews.
If you want to rent a furnished apartment in Rome,
this is a great agency: Contact name: Andrea.
Andrea has most of his apartments close to the
Vatican area. Mention to him that you are from
Fonisol travel guides and he will treat you extra nice...
Good Company with lots of apartments in different
areas of Rome.
Friendly company with good apartments
in Rome's Center.
Company with Apartments throughout
Apartments in Rome with Online Booking.