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Gilda's is one of the most famous places in Rome, this is where celebrities and politicians go. If you are with a young crowd La Pace del Cervello 2 is the place for you. We also recommend going to The Drunken Ship and Goa.  II Goccetto is where you will find some excellent food and wines. Jump in to Berimbau for some great Brazilian music (late nights). Victoria house is a famous British pub.

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Music inn is a popular Jazz club which hosts performances by famous Jazz stars.  In almost all of Rome's night out places, there is a cover, also called 'season pass''.
Our recommendations are based on our and other travelers' experiences, and we hope that you enjoy the hopping night life of Rome!

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Bars/ Pubs in Rome, Italy

Mr. Brown
Comparatively a cheap bar in Rome, the bar is usually filled with young crowd. Atmosphere is lively and during evenings, people come here to enjoy quiet drinks. 
Address: Vicolo del Cinque 29, Rome, Italy.

Cul de Sac
Stocked at the ceiling of this pub are many local wines, and  you can select any one of them by just pointing it out! It is one of the favorite places for local people. Try some Greek salad here.
Address: Piazza Pasquino 73, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 6880 1094

Locanda Atlantide
You can catch some great music from
1980s to new wave and 2000's future pop sounds. This nightclub formerly was a warehouse, today  is a concert hall, bar and theatre. Every day a different event is staged- you can catch jazz, play, concert or dance club action during the week. The club is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10pm to 3:30am and is closed from June 15 to September 15.
22B Via dei Lucani, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 4470 4540 

This is one of the city's most popular night time gathering spots and the oldest ice-cream shop. You can also enjoy gelato from here and take it around walking in this beautiful city!                                                     
Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 Rome, 00186 Italy Phone: 06 699 1243
Near Piazza Colonna

The club offers an array of different local, regional, and international artists who perform a wide variety of music styles. After the concerts, the dance floors open up to reggae, acid jazz, disco, funk, and soul music.                                                              
Address: Via Monte Testaccio 69, Rome, Italy 00153 Phone: 06 574 4485               

Victoria House
The Victoria House is a nice cozy pub to relax and have a nice evening at. It is one of the best known and the very first British Pub in the Rome area. It is well known for its British dishes. You can pick up British newspaper and read it while you eat.                            
Via di Gesł e Maria, 18 Rome, 00187 Italy Phone: 06 320 1698

There is live music all week long at the Locale where people and music meet. The music is different during the week, but the crowd is always lively and everyone seems to be just having a good time. There is plenty of beer choices and a full array of mixed drinks.
Address: Vicolo del Fico, 3 Rome, 00186 Italy 06 687 9075                                    

Societe Lutece
Located in a hidden spot, this bar is situated just behind Piazza Navona. You'd be lucky if you can find this bar easily!  Usually filled with young local people, this bar has amazing cocktails. You can enjoy free buffet of late-night nibbles here.
Address:17 Piazza Montevecchio, Rome, Italy Phone:06 6830 1472

Bar della Pace
A great place to meet new people, this bar is based on 1950s glamour. During summers, you can sit outside and enjoy the sun. The bar has amazing decor inside.          
Address: 3/7 Via della Pace, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 686 1216

It is a popular club, predominantly plays music by Italian artists. The club is set in two basement rooms, one for hosting performances by Italian bands, other for just chilling out and enjoy some sandwiches and salads.                                                                                       
Address: Via Crescenzio, 82a, Rome, 00193 Phone:  06 6896 302

Caffe Greco
Address: Via Condotti 86 | Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy
Quite expensive coffee inside!

Radio Londra Description
Radio Londra attracts a unique crowd of people who express themselves in any number of ways, including outlandish clothing and body piercing. The music is vibrant, and the crowd is vivacious. Four nights a week, Radio Londra usually sponsors live music, and sometimes bands entertain at the pub and pizzeria located above the dance floors.      
Address: Via Monte Testaccio, 67, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 575 0044

Il Goccetto
Here you can find great French, Australian and New Zealand wines with some excellent food.                                                                                                                              Address: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 686 4268

A very unique bar, and a great experience! Y
ou have to ring the doorbell in order to get in. Once in, you can sit in one of the two dining rooms where you can lie on white couches/beds and take your shoes off while you wait for your dinner to arrive. A live DJ spins a variety of house music along with a huge projection of constantly changing video art displays on the walls. Everyone in the dining room gets served at the same time and the same food, but they do ask if you have a special diet requirements.                
Via de' Nari, 14, Rome 00186, Italy Phone: 06 6880 7207

Big Mama 
This small, basement location is cramped, low-ceilinged and a thoroughly wonderful, authentic experience. It is usually crowded , and finding a seat. If you are someone who loves to relax and sit down, go there early!
Address: Vicolo San Francesco a Ripa, 18, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 581 2551
Website: E-mail:

This pub plays Brazilian music and is a hot late-night spot for music lovers. The sounds of salsa fill the night, with live music eventually segueing into blasting disco.                  
Via dei Fienaroli, 30B, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 581 3249

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