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Some of the greatest museums of the world are in Rome. Villa Borghese, Vatican museums and National Etruscan museum are examples. The Basilica of Saint Peter's is stunning and a must-see. The museums in Rome have preserved the works of some of the greatest Artists like Michelangelo, Balla, Boccioni, De Chirico, etc. You can also find art and artifacts of Etruscans, who were famous for their sophisticated art and design.

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Antiquarium and The Arch of Titus in Rome, Italy
The Antiquarium Museum houses finds from the area of the Roman Forum. The Arch of Titus is located on the highest point of the Via Sacra, a road leading to the Roman Forum. It is a single arch, 15.4m high, 13.5m wide, and 4.75m deep. The marble relief stand nearly 2.5m in height. The Arch of Titus commemorates the victory of Titus over Jerusalem resulting in end of Jewish War. The arch was constructed after Titus's death in 81 CE.

Barberini Palace
This was residence of Rome's leading art patron, Pope Urban VIII and became the palace for his family in 1625. Barberini Palace has works of Borromini.
Address:Via Barberini 18, Rome, Italy

Basilica of San Peter's (Basilica di San Pietro)
The basilica rises over the foundations of a Paleochristranic Church. The interior is stunning. You will be very tempted to climb the dome, but if you are claustrophobic, or are not feeling too well, we do not recommend it! Part of the problem is that once you start your climb, you can't reverse--there is no way to come back down without reaching the top first.

Recommended Tour: Vatican and Sistine Chapel Tour

Capitoline Hill, Rome, Italy
This is the smallest and most famous of the Seven Hills of Rome, which features the Senate. It was the political and religious center of ancient Rome. The Capitoline Hill is also called as Campidoglio. Cordonata. It has a long, beautiful staircase to the Piazza del Campidoglio, adorned with granite statues of Egyptian lions at the foot and two large classical statues of Castor and Pollux at the top.

Capitoline Museum (Museo Capitolino)
This museum features the Old Masters of Great Renaissance and Baroque paintings such as Caravaggio, Bernini, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer. The museum has two buildings connected together with a tunnel which overlooks the Roman forum.
Address: Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome Phone: 06 6710 2475 , 06 6710 2071

Castel Sant'Angelo
Address: Lungotevere Castello Rome, 00193 Italy Phone: 06 3908 0730

Church of Santa Maria del Popolo

This amazing Renaissance church was commissioned by Pope Sixus IV della Rovere in 1472 and contains various 18th- and 19th-century monuments and Baroque additions, which add to the beauty of this structure. The church contains some of Rome's most treasured chapels commissioned by the aristocracy of the time. It houses Rome's very first stained glass windows.

Dome Aurea (Domus Aurea di Nerone)
Address: Via della Domus Aurea (Cancello Colle Oppio) Rome, 00184 Italy Phone: 06 8530 1755

Galleria Borghese
It has some of the most stunning paintings and sculpture and is a must see for arts fan. Due to its popularity, you might need advance reservations. You are only allowed to enter within your 2-hour time slot. Once you buy tickets, there is an area where you can rent an audio-guide or a regular tour guide. Its a good idea to hire a tour guide in this Gallery.
Address: Piazzale Scipione Borghese, Rome, 00197 Italy Phone: 06 8413 979

Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Rome, Italy
It is the home of the Dorio Pamphilj family. Audio tour is free, so take advantage of it.
Address: Piazza del Collegio Romano 2, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 679 7323

Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Corsini
This palace has 16th and 17th century painting collection of the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica. You can climb 17th-century stone staircase here. Adjacent to Palazzo Corsisni are Rome's Giardino Botanico (Corsini Gardens). These gardens are home to native and exotic plants and provide stunning view at the top.
Address: Via della Lungara 10, Rome, Italy Phone: 06 6880 2323 Website:



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