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Rome is the capital and largest city of Italy situated in the west-central part of Italy, on the Tiber River. Vatican City is an independent enclave and sovereign city within the confines of Rome. Rome lies on Latitude: 41.90 and Longitude: 12.50.
The following are some maps of Rome. They are fairly detailed and should be all you need for your Rome trip. Save the maps on your computer and open them with a photo editing software if you want to print them. For an interactive map, scroll down to the middle of this page.

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Map of Rome's major sightseeing attractions      

Detailed map of Rome-1  -slightly larger file, this map is very detailed-has the subway/metro network marked on it.

Vatican City Map


Map of Italy 


Interactive Map of Rome

Below is an interactive map of Rome, centered on the Vatican. You can "move around" on the map; use the zoom and pan controls on the top left of the map. Also see the satellite version to see what St. Peter's looks like from space!


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