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Football in Rome
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Football (soccer) in Rome, Italy

Football is Rome and Italy's most popular spectator sport. Rome is home to two of the best football teams in the world, AS Roma and SS Lazio. Together, they share the magnificent Olympic stadium in Rome for these matches. For sports fans, a visit to a match is a must!

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Football in Rome  
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The Olympic stadium (Stadio Olimpico) can easily be reached by public transport.Take metro Line A from Termini Station (direction Battistini). Get off after 6 stops at "Ottaviano - S. Pietro". Take bus 32 (Tor di Quinto) for 6 stops. Get off at "Lungotevere Cadorna / Ostello della Gioventý".

Olympic stadium (Stadio Olimpico)
The Olympic Stadium was built in the 1930s during the fascist Mussolini era. Roma and Lazio take turns to play every Sunday at 3PM, unless they are playing somewhere else in Italy or Europe. Some matches are held on Saturday.

If you get a chance, do go and see a live game. Even if you are not a die-hard football fan the energy and passion of the crowd will be enough to make it one of your most memorable experiences in Rome.




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