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Rome is the capital and largest city of Italy situated in the west-central part of Italy, on the Tiber River. Vatican City is an independent enclave and sovereign city within the confines of Rome. Rome is also called the Eternal city. Rome was founded by Romulus in 753 B.C. It is built on Seven hills, most important of which is Palatino. It was first ruled by Etruscans followed by Augustus ( 27B.C- A.D.14). During the reign of Augustus, the Roman republic extended its territory and Roman Empire was hence established. Rome was the capital of empire and was considered the centre of world. However the city declined during the rule of Constantine who transferred his capital to Byzantium. In 323 A.D. Rome was conquered by Alaric I , leading to devastation of the city by barbarian tribes. Rome became capital again in 1871 after Italians took control of City from The Pope.

Culture                                                                                                                             Visiting Rome is an amazing cultural experience. Rome is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and has something for everyone. You can find well preserved monuments, museums, arts and sculptures. It is a favorite destination for art lovers. Works of some of the greatest artists like Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Domenico Fontana are preserved here. You can catch opera, symphony, live shows, and musical shows in the city all year round. Or you can check out some nice theatres and cinemas in Rome. Rome also has an amazing nightlife, and there are plenty of nightclubs which are open all night. You can get a flavor of authentic Roman and Italian cuisine in many restaurants in Rome. Rome is a shopper's paradise: fashion stores, malls, and antiques stores abound in this bustling city. You can find a great selection of Designer apparels here. At times you can also go to weekend markets and bargain for shoes and pack up your bags and get here now!!!





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