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Quality wines from Argentina

Argentine wine reviews



"By the year 2015, the greatness of Argentinean wines made from the Malbec grape will be understood as a given. This French varietal has reached startling heights of quality in Argentina. Both inexpensive, delicious Malbecs and majestic, profoundly complex ones from high elevation vineyards are already being produced, and by 2015 this long-ignored grape's place in the pantheon of noble wines will be guaranteed."

--Robert Parker in Food & Wine, October 2004


"...the choicest offerings tend to be reds that come from Bordeaux varietals- primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with some Carmenere and Malbec as well, the latter particularly in Argentina. The best are impressive."

--Wine Spectator Magazine, March 2000


"The Argentines are a proud people, not given to hiding their many assets. Except when it comes to wine. Argentina is one of the great wine-producing nations, right up there after France, Italy and Spain. But hardly anyone knows this."                       

--Frank J. Prial, The New York Times, April 5, 2000  


Argentina has always been a large producer quantity-wise, but recently quality is way up."

--Anthony Dias Blue, January 2000  


"Clearly, Argentina holds some exciting possibilities. Quality should continue to improve and exports increase, providing adventurous wine lovers with yet another country to explore."  

--San Jose Mercury News, January 2000  


"South American Producers Up the Ante: Price and Quality both on the Rise for Chilean and Argentine Wines"                                                                                                                   
---Wine Business Monthly, Sept 1999


"Argentine dream. The surprise success of the Malbec grape"

--Food and Wine Magazine , December 1999


"Chile is a great disappointment to me. They've lost an opportunity. Fifteen years ago, people were discovering these great, cheap $5 Chilean bottles. Now, the makers have pushed all the good fruit up into their prestige bottling. But it's hard for them to compete at that level against France and California. Meanwhile, they've drained the more modestly priced level of production of the good fruit. I prefer Argentinean Wines. They're more expensive-- $20 to $30 per bottle--but the Argentinean Cabernets and Malbecs are more concentrated than the Chilean wines, ripe and slightly rustic. They're real wines, with more character than the more commercial Chilean Bottles. "

--Excerpt from a winebusiness.com interview with Stephen Tanzer, 2002


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