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Quality wines from Argentina

The Reds
Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina are among the top rated wines in the world. There are a bunch of others reds-each has a characteristically distinct aroma and flavor.


It is a red variety coming from the southwest of France and is one of the best varieties that has adapted well to the Argentine soil. Initially known as " the French grape" in Argentina, it is now grown in the province of Mendoza, in the regions of Lujan de Cuyo and Maipu as these areas have a wide day-night temperature difference.

With very intense concentrated purple color and pleasant taste, it ranks amongst the top wines in the world. It has velvet texture and long soft flavor, and consists of aromas of berry fruits, plums, cherries and honey. As it is poured in glass, it gives secondary scents of coffee, wood and vanilla.

It goes well with beef, pasta, lamb dishes and chocolates


This wine is historically associated with grand Bordeaux wines from France and is also the most widely recognized red variety in the world due to its adaptation to different regions without losing its typicality and essence (hence called king of red wines). In Argentina it is grown from Salta to Rio Negro regions.

This red wine is tinged with deep purple and navy blue notes and gives an aroma of red fruit, cocoa, dried fruits, pepper and raspberries. It is a wine rich in tannin and blends well with less tannic wines like merlot and cabernet franc. It requires careful processing as when it grows old, its bouquet increases while its natural astringency diminishes. After a brief stay in wood, followed by a year in bottle, it achieves elegant complexity.

It goes well with spicy stews, roasted goat or grilled meat.


This wine of French origin is one of the great blended wines. It is found in Valley de Uco of Mendoza. It is the most renowned wine after bordeaux and burgundy from France. In the Cuyo region this wine is also known as balsamina or balsamine.

This wine is aged in wooden casks and then in the bottle to give a solid wine, rich in tannin, vigorous and long conversation. To the eye, it has purple tinges with aromas of berries, spices and leather. It is a velvety wine, captivating the palate with its reminiscence of close and dry figs. It is a grape of late maturation and produces wine of soft great quality, apt for aging.

It goes well with game meat, turkey sausages and mustard sauces.


Originally from the southwest of France, it is the second most traditional and significant wines of the great Bordeaux wines. In Argentina, it is found in the province of Rio Negro, upper Mendoza region in Cruz de Piedra and Uco valley.

It is a deep red wine with shades of purple and magenta with aromas of caramel, black plum, bitumen, mulberry and occasionally, mint. This robust, seductive, majestic and temperamental wine is believed to be related genetically with the king of red wines "Cabernet Sauvignon" and is famous for its fruity aroma. It is used in blends with cabernet sauvignon and malbec often to produce a traditional Bordeaux copulate, of great finesse and personality.

It matches best with Patagonian lamb, juicy steak, and vegetarian dishes made with legumes, nuts or grilled vegetables.


This deep red variety is firmly established in Argentina, with area of around 15,000 hectares. Mainly found in San Rafael, south of Mendoza, where it adapts very well to the warm temperature of this region.

This wine, has ruby sparkles, and smells of red fruits and yeast. To the mouth it reminisces of cherries and plums. This grape variety is very resistant to diseases and is highly appreciated for its productivity and intense coloration of its grapes.

It is a very good combination with chicken and meat.


This Spanish origin variety is grown in the valley of Cuyo. Argentina is the second country with the largest surface planted with Tempranillo wines in the world. The grape of this variety called tempranillo, still remains the same, maintaining its originality.

This wine possesses aroma of berries, and is blends well with cabernet sauvignon and graciano. Initially in Argentina, this variety was used to make low-cost, mass-produced wines; however now the trend is changing to production of high quality tempranillo wines.

This wine is the best mate of duck meat, lamb, pork and chicken.


This great red wine of Burgundy in France, is grown in Alto Valle de Rio Negro in Mendoza, Argentina.

This is a more delicate wine than Cabernet or Merlot and exhibits taste and aromas of strawberry and tealeaf. This wine is used to make best burgundy wines in France. In the mouth it leaves a taste of cherry, cassis, raspberry, and licorice.

It is best served with grilled salmon, roast chicken and grilled lamb.


This red wine variety is genetically recognized as the parent of the famous Cabernet Sauvignon however the major difference lies in the way these grapes are grown and fermented. 

The wine is thinner skinned, earlier ripening grapes and lower in overall acidity. It ripens earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon.  It can survive colder winters but is very susceptible to damages by spring frosts. It exhibits fruitier and sometimes, vegetable or herbal flavor and is usually a lighter wine in both color and tannins. It has an aroma of spices, often reminiscent of plums and especially violet. It is a very common variety to be used as a secondary element in blended wines like Bordeaux or Meritage instead as a stand-alone wine. 

It goes well with white meat.

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