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Organic Wines

Organic grape refers to a grape grown without using any pesticides, fungicides, germicides etc.. Technically, there is no such thing as an organic wine because it is impossible to make wines without use of any chemicals at all, e.g. sulphur dioxide which acts as an antioxidant. The wines obtained from organic grape is customarily called organic wine.

What are Organic Wines?

Organic Wines is a special category of wines, which are made from the grapes grown organically and which don't use any chemicals during the wine making process.

Why choose them?

Organic wines are free from any treatment on grapes thereby making them free from any chemicals.It's a choice for the environmentally conscious.

Are there no chemicals used in Organic Wines as all?

No, there is one chemical which is used always. It is called Bordeaux mixture and without it, the wine cannot be made. Chemically, it is copper sulphate and is used to mildew. The other chemical, which is often used is Sulphur dioxide as an antioxidant in wines. They are permitted under the regulations stated by organic wines certification body.

Are they healthier than non-organic wines?

There is no proof that organic wines are healthier than non-organic wines.

Do they taste better?
Even the vegetables that we use today have lots of chemical compounds in them. Have you ever noted any difference in the taste? If you have then you might be inclined to think that organic wines taste better!

How authentic is the organic wines certification?

Even those wines that write "organic wines " may be non-organic. Emergencies may be something like a pest attack or grapes plants catch a disease.  Usually a wine with sulphite less than 10mg/L is considered organic wines. If you are very strict about the use of organic wines, then always check the certification before buying one.

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