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Buenos Aires, Argentina Sightseeing

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Buenos Aires is full of interesting sights to see-museums, theaters and parks (called plazas) and other attractions. The following are some of our recommendations.

 Casa Rosada : The Casa Rosada (Pink House) is Argentina's presidential palace, containing the offices of the president. The Italian style building, fronted with palm trees and fountains, was painted pink when it was converted from a Customs and Post Office building into the presidential palace. President Sarmiento decided to appease opposing political parties by merging red and white into a pink colour scheme for the palace. Casa Rosada has the balcony where Eva Peron gave her famous speeches. Located on the Plaza de Mayo in downtown Buenos Aires, the palace also contains a museum that is open to the public. Casa Rosada is situated at the eastern end of the Plaza de Mayo

Plaza San Martin (San Martin Square) : A popular lunchtime respite for business folk in the summer, this lovely park is situated in the Retiro area at the end of Calle Florida (Florida Street). Dominating the park is the huge monument of General San Martin, designed in 1862 by French artist Louis Daumas.

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Puente de La Mujer (Bridge of the Woman) : Donated by Alberto L. Gonzales and his family to this city of Buenos Aires, Santiago Calatrava's Puente De La Mujer (Bridge Of The Woman) is the architect's only work in South America. The 335-foot-long suspension is a pedestrian bridge. The bridge is abstractly meant to illustrate a couple dancing Tango, the man towering over the woman who is leaning back horizontally. This, along with the fact that the surrounding neighborhood has streets primarily named after women accounts for the name of the bridge. Address: Puerto Madero. You can't miss it!

Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo : Plaza Dorrego lies in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo, the bohemian artists' quarter and the original birthplace of tango. Right in the square there are excellent tango performances throughout the day. You will find human statues of Carlos Gardel, or Charlie Chaplin look-alikes, around the square, or muscians of any and all sorts! On Sundays afternoons the plaza is the setting for the ancient antique market. The stallholders pack up their wares at 5pm and the square becomes the setting for informal tango dances (and you can practice and trip...).

Cabildo (Museum): Designed by Jesuit architect Andrés Blanqui in 1580, this was the first government building in the city of Buenos Aires at the time it was founded. It is now a museum with a collection of old weapons medals and robes.
Address: Bolívar 65, Buenos Aires, 1066 Argentina Phone: +54 011 4334 1782


Planetarium Buenos Aires, Argentina Planetarium "Galileo Galilei" and the attached Museum: If you are traveling with kids, or are just a star trek buff, this is an excellent place to spend a day. The planetarium was built in 1966 by architect Enrique Jan. Round and shaped like a star, it has a 20 meter wide cupola. Shows are projected on the inside of the cupola through a spotlight/laser system. The equipment can project up to 8900 fixed stars, constellation and nebulas. The Planetarium is ideally located right next to the Zoo, in Palermo, so you can possible even combine a visit to the two. Kids below 5 years old and Seniors enter free...
Address: Av. Sarmiento y Belisario Roldán Tel.: 4772-9265 Open Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM, Saturday-Sunday 1PM-6.30PM.

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