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Buenos Aires, Argentina Restaurants

Fonisol Travel Guides

Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Cafes and restaurants are a big part of Buenos Aires life. Steak Houses and Grills are very popular in Argentina-this is the country with the highest per capita consumption of meat in the world. Most Argentines have an Italian descent, you can find a lot of Italian restaurants in the city.  You can also find a variety of ethnic cuisines, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, etc. However, here's the bad news: unless you want to eat steaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner, an average Buenos Aires restaurant is a disappointment for food, even though the decoration and ambience of the places is absolutely amazing!. Fully aware of this, we have made a list of the absolute best restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We hope this list helps you a little, and you can eat well in this city!


Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires-Fonisol's A-list

Honorable Mention Restaurants-the B-list

Complete BA Restaurants Directory Wifi(Wi-fi) enabled Restaurants and Bars

These A-list restaurants are our absolute personal favorites (no one can buy their way into this list.. :-) )

The neighborhood is included in italics (e.g. Puerto Madero, Palermo). Prices are approx. for an average dinner including an appetizer. Weekends can be very busy in many restaurants, we suggest you call ahead to book your table.

Cabaña Las Lilas, Steakhouse and Grill
A true steak
lover's paradise, Las Lilas raises their own cattle on their own private farms. Restaurant is right on the river front. Favorites: Medallon de Lomo (Steak), Ojo de Bife jugoso (Rib-Eye Steak, medium rare)
Price: US$20
Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, Puerto Madero Buenos Aires
Tel: 4313-1336 Website:

Dora, Seafood
local and international seafood dishes. Octopus, codfish and prawn,...almost everything the sea has to offer is available in this restaurant. Has a great selection of white wines to go with the excellent food.
Price: US$15
Address: Leandro N. Alem 1016, Puerto Madero Buenos Aires
Tel. 4311-2891

Olsen, Seafood
Popular with tourist and locals alike, this restaurant is in the charming and beautiful neighborhood of Palermo Viejo. Great Sunday Brunch/Lunch. Favorites: Smoked salmon, smoked herring
Price: US$10
Address: Gorriti 5870, Palermo Viejo Buenos Aires
Tel. 4776-7677

Bella Italia, Italian
Besides the usual pasta, they have some terrific risottos, meats, and fish.
Price: US$10
Address: Calle República Árabe Siria 3285 , Palermo Buenos Aires
Tel. 4802-4253

Broccolino, Italian
The restaurant is known for its spicy brick-oven baked pizzas, pasta classics, and a wealth of seafood, chicken and beef dishes. The actor Robert Duvall has shown up here a couple of times.
Price: US$12
Address: Esmeralda 776, Microcentro Buenos Aires
Tel 4322-9848

Catalinas, Mediterranean
Mediterranean and international dishes in three elegant dining rooms, each painted by a well-known Argentinian artist. The chef is especially noted for his grilled lamb chops.
Price: US$12
Address: Reconquista 850, Microcentro Buenos Aires
Tel 4313-0182

La Estancia, Steakhouse and Grill
More rustic in its look, either a side of beef, a whole lamb or goat, is grilled in an open pit inside a window display to attract pedestrians.
Price: US$10
Address: Lavalle 941,
Microcentro, Buenos Aires
Tel. 4326-0330

Kathmandu, Indian
Great North Indian dishes. True to Indian cusine's very nature, the food is very spicy. Try the tandoori chicken or the matar paneer (peas with indian cheese).

Price: US$15
Av. Cordoba 3547 , Barrio Norte Buenos Aires
Tel. 4963-1122

Dashi, Japanese/Sushi
By far our favorite Japanese Restaurant in Buenos Aires. The sushi is absolutely excellent, the fish they use very fresh, and some great tofu appetizers as well.
Price: US$15
Address: Fitz Roy 1613, Palermo Hollywood Buenos Aires
Tel. 4776-3500 Website:

Sushi Club, Japanese/Sushi
Great variety of Sushi and fish.
Price: US$15
Address: Alicia M. de Justo 286, Puerto Madero Buenos Aires
Tel: 0810 -222- SUSHI

Xalapa, Mexican
Authentic Mexican food, something a bit difficult to find in Buenos Aires. Excellent service.
Price: US$10
Address: El Salvador 4800. Palermo Viejo Buenos Aires
Tel: 4833-6102

Bar 6, Contemporary
Trendy place with great lunch menu. The chef tries to bring great dishes from all over the world, and is very good. Live DJ's on weekends
Price :US$10
Address: Armenia 1676, Palermo Viejo Buenos Aires
Tel: 4833-6807

Granix, Vegetarian
The most well-known vegetarian restaurant in Buenos Aires. Excellent value, lunch buffet.
Price: US$5
Address: Florida 165, First floor, Microcentro Buenos Aires
Tel 4343-4020

Bar Uriarte, Contemporary
Cuisine is a mix of the traditional dishes enhanced with creative chefs. Live DJ's on weekends
Price :US$12
Address: Uriarte 1572, Palermo Viejo Buenos Aires
Tel 4834-6004




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