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Buenos Aires Nightlife Review-Mundo Bizarro (Bizarre World)
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Mundo Bizarro Electronic Fusion
Guatemala 4802
Buenos Aires

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It would seem that Mundo Bizarro, fell through the Earth from Los Angeles and ended up (by way of an, err, warmer place, shall we say) in Palermo Viejo.  This cocktail lounge is a dimly lit, red and black, devil-themed affair, with rock-a-billy music giving way to electronica and hip-hop, as the bar fills up.  The Mundo is a staple of Palermo dwellers, and foreigners alike.  If you are in the mood for some good ole American food, the menu is full of Mexican dishes that should make any Texicalifornizonican feel right at home.  Monday is Sushi night, with imported Japanese chefs rolling it up.  No cover.

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