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Apartment Rentals in Buenos Aires

If you want to rent a temporary apartment in Buenos Aires (a few days to a few months), you can rent it from a  number of agencies. We hope you have an enjoyable stay in Buenos Aires.


US$30-80 per night   US$80+ per night Apartment Rentals Hostels They have a large number of apartments throughout the city. We rate them very good on customer service, and have had very positive personal experiences and feedback from these guys. Contact name-Jorgelina This company is owned and run by a a very friendly woman, Beatriz. She is extremely professional and courteous, we definitely recommend her agency for your rentals.

Special Mention

Ojo propiedades This agency prides itself in donating all of its profits to the Red Cross and the homeless. They are friendly and nice, and are very happy to show you their apartments when you are in Buenos Aires. They are not very good with email, but call them on the phone (54-11-4832-4040), and they will be very happy to help you. The staff is often English and American, so you shouldn't have any problems if your Spanish is on the weaker side. Contact name at Ojo Propiedades: Gabriela.  


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