Friday, November 17, 2006

Massive move my ICICI (NYSE:IBN) and HDFC (NYSE:HDB) stocks

The bank stocks have taken off. Both HDB and IBN are trading at all time highs. Investors worldwide are realizing the way these bank shares can be used to play the India Inc. story.

Economically, India is where China was 10 years ago. The GDP per capita number can be used to say that-Indian GDP per capita in 2006 is about where the Chinese GDP per capita was 10 years ago. The next decade will be the defining decade for India. High profile takeovers like Lakshmi Mittal's Mittal Steel (NYSE: MS) taking over Arcelor, and the Tata group buying Corus, will bring more confidence in the Indian story Worldwide.

Information Technology giants like Infosys, Tata consulting and Wipro have already given a great start to the Indian story. Now the domestic market needs to embrace the lessons learned by these companies outside indias and implement them back home; this will be good for the Indian popular, and good for the investor community as well.

Free markets (with the government controlling the corporations only to avoid corruption and abuse) can be a win-win for everyone involved.

Sanjay John G.

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