Saturday, September 23, 2006

US Internets in Free Fall

Yahoo rattled US Internet sector investors by an earnings warning. Is the 800 pound Gorilla of the Internet losing steam?

Upstarts like, and are taking away eyeballs from the Yahoo and AOL guys. The web is a constantly evolving entity-Remember that Google didn't even exist 10 years ago, and today is a $125B company.

What implications does this have for the nascent Indian Internet market? Will rediff and SIFY remain in tact to make money-or be eaten up by smaller webmasters with their innovative pages and creations?

Given the Indian preference for brand names there is a case for REDF and SIFY still-that they will be doing well for years to come. But Yahoo slowing down has major implications for Internet sectors worldwide, not just in the US, and the story will unravel in the quarters to come.

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Sanjay John G.

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