Monday, July 10, 2006

SIFY's Is Disappointing!

SIFY launched it's local portal for Mumbai ( a couple of weeks ago. I have been testing the portal (am in Mumbai right now for my traditional summer trip, escaping from the winter in South America) and am pretty disappointed by it.

The portal is way too graphic intensive. The information part is hard to get to-and a user like me, who prefers Firefox to Internet Explorer, finds it even harder to find out what's up in Mumbai. The nerd in me wants to get to the information first and the cool pics later-and this SIFY venture disappoints on that front. The site is also full of lots of ads-nothing wrong with that-but lots of those ads are irrelevant to Mumbai or even life in India! And the worse thing a webmaster sees-the main page has a video-some kind of an mpeg stream which you are forced to watch (links won't work until this stream/video starts playing). Recommendation: SIFY needs to work on the usability design of their websites.

Macro world now. Latest numbers for GDP for 2005 point out that India has a GDP of $800 Billion, which makes it the 12th largest economy in the world. The United States had a GDP of $12 Trillion and topped the list. See story here. (the story incorrectly labels this ranking as "richest"-it should be "largest or biggest").


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