Thursday, April 27, 2006

Online Gaming at Sify iWays Grows 100%

SIFY today came out with a release stating that Online Gaming in Iways grew up 100% in a year. The number of PCs at these cafes for online games doubled to 6000 during this period. See full story here.

Gaming is big money. See the Chinese netizens; so much time kids (and adults!) spend on games that their effect on the bottom line for any company can be quite significant. Did you know that Sony makes 40% of its profits from the Playstation Gaming Console? This is a company which is everywhere, has some of the highest brand ratings in the world, and doesn't really make much money with those cool electronic products, relatively speaking; makes far more money with Playstation addicts.

SIFY is making the right moves by growing the Iways. They are building a solid brand in India, and eventually,, will be what and are in the United States. And that is good for investors. Internets are high margin businesses, and brand building in a high margin business is a gravy train for Investors, if done well.

Sanjay John G.

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